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Annex 5 - Daily Drilling Report

Annex 5 to The Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) guideline 65.2.2 on Health and safety aspects regarding offshore well operations

The daily drilling report shall include the following information:

  1. Reporting date
  2. The name of the well
  3. Drilling unit
  4. Name of operator
  5. Total days on the drilling site
  6. Present operation
  7. depth of the well
  8. drilling momentum of the last 24 hours
  9. detailed description of the day's operations stating substantial results and descriptions of any operational problems. Among the conditions to be specified in the description, where appropriate is:
    • a. significant liquid flow to or from the wellbore
    • b. problems with the hole/well stability
    • c. problems with management of the bore direction or control of this
    • d. significant deviations from geological assumptions
    • e. significant deviations from the anticipated formation pressure
    • f. performing line operations, including data for the conductors (diameter, weight, quality and embedment depth) data for cementing (density, volume, suspected top) and cementing process (circulation rate and pressure process, increment/loss of drilling fluid and any other indications of good or bad quality of cementing)
    • g. completed pressure and function tests of both equipment and (formation)
    • h. completed logs with ranges of potential problems
    • i. completed production tests with listing of the main results, the trial process, covering both the flow of liquid and gas production as pressure and temperature pathways and main data
    • j. produced liquids and gas (e.g. densities, gas composition, and for the water produced an indication of trace elements, salt and conductivity)
    • k. performed plugging operations stating conducted tests
    • l. performed perforations with the ranges, shoot density and type
    • m. performing hydraulic and chemical treatments in the formation
  10. main data of the drilling fluid, including the density and temperature in and out of the wellbore, the viscosity, water loss, pH, oil content, trace element concentration as well as the main components in general
  11. gas content of drilling fluid from the hole during drilling, pipe joint (connection) and trip indicating the total gas and gas composition comprising at least C1 to C4 and H2S, and background gas of the circulated drilling fluid
  12. drill bit diameter and type
  13. description of the drill string composition
  14. last casing diameter
  15. last casing depth
  16. test pressure for formation under the casing
  17. maximum allowable surface pressure with the current density of the drilling mud
  18. wave height and direction
  19. wind speed and direction
  20. measurements of the direction of the wellbore
  21. deflection of the wellbore both horizontal and vertical position from the last executed direction measurement
  22. description of the report period drilled geological strata, indicating the depth, lithology, colour, grain size and porosity, including detailed results from preliminary core descriptions. The description should be accompanied whenever possible with information of suspected geological age
  23. quantitative and qualitative indications of hydrocarbons
  24. drilling speed in the penetrated layers
  25. main results from the completed logs
  26. HSE incidents last 24 hours
  27. date of last full BOP test
  28. position/coordinates of the rig (ED50)
  29. drills performed.