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Annex 2 - Information in notifications pursuant to section 4(1)

Annex 2 to Executive Order No. 1196 of 9 October 2015 issued by the Ministry of Employment - unofficial version

Notification according to section 4(1) of accidents must include the following information, cf. section 4(4).

  1. Information about the injured party and the injury:
    • a) Name
    • b) Civil registration number or, in the absence thereof, gender, date of birth and nationality (citizenship)
    • c) Offshore position held
    • d) Date of employment with the enterprise
    • e) Time of commencement of the shift
    • f) Offshore experience (number of years)
    • g) Type of injury
    • h) Injured part of the body
    • i) Expected period of incapacity for work (number of days)
  2. Information about the notifier and the enterprise:
    • a) Business registration number of the enterprise, or in the absence of this, the name of the enterprise, address, sector, municipality and type of company.
    • b) The civil registration number/business registration number of the notifier, name and address if the notifier is someone other than an employer.
  3. Information about the accident:
    • a) Place of accident
    • b) Date and time of accident
    • c) Name of the installation
    • d) The course of the accident, including information about contact/manner of injury and associated element/equipment