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Annex 1 - Serious personal injury, cf. section 5(1), no. 1b and section 8(1), no. 2

Annex 1 to Executive Order No. 1196 of 9 October 2015 issued by the Ministry of Employment - unofficial version

  1. Bone fracture, except for fracture of a single finger or toe.
  2. Loss of one or more body parts.
  3. Dislocation of shoulder, hip, knee or spine.
  4. Severe burns.
  5. Loss of vision, permanently or temporarily.
  6. Damage to eye or both eyes through corrosive burns, burns from hot metal or penetration of an object.
  7. Electric shock or electric burns causing unconsciousness or requiring resuscitation.
  8. Hypothermia.
  9. Loss of consciousness.
  10. Personal injury otherwise, resulting acute taking ashore of injured persons.