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Special inspection

Special inspections are inspections that have a specific focus area and purpose. The following examples are considered special inspections:

Topic inspection

A topic inspection focuses on a specific topic such as handling of lifts, training and skills, paint work, etc. A topic  inspection may also include the inspection of a special operation, such as a special lift, special drilling activities, the psychological working environment, etc. A topic inspection can be a review of documents provided by the companies..

Immediate inspections

Immediate inspections investigate a given incident, such as accidents, near misses, gas leaks, etc. The aim of these inspections is to provide a description of the incident and investigate the underlying causes of the incident.

Unnotified inspections

Unnotified inspections are a form of inspection where the Danish Working Environment Authority arrives unannounced and completes an inspection of selected topics. This inspection occurs when it is deemed that the objective of the inspection would be forfeit if the operator or owner is notified in advance.

The inspection can be carried out at the onshore office of the operator or owner or at the offshore installation.