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Notification of unintended discharge, significant damage to the installation, etc.

The operator or the owner must immediately notify the Danish Working Environment Authority about the following

  • Unintended discharge of oil or gas which leads to fire or explosions. 
  • Unintended discharge of not ignited natural gas or evaporated associated gas if the mass discharged is greater than or equal to 1 kg. 
  • Discharge of non-ignited liquids of crude oil where the mass discharged is greater than or equal to 60 kg. 
  • Any incident which may have led to discharge of a biological agent. 
  • Any unintended discharge of substances and materials. 
  • Any not insignificant damage of importance to health and safety to the construction or equipment of the installation must be registered
  • Any uncontrolled emissions from a well, regardless of duration. 
  • Helicopter accidents at or near the installation. 
  • Any unplanned emergency evacuation of some or all persons on board due to a major accident or if there is a significant risk of such accident.