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Offshore Safety Council

The Offshore Safety Council has the task of

  • participating in the preparation of regulation in accordance with the Offshore Safety Act,
  • participating in the preparation and revision of standards and guidelines for best practice and other guidelines with the operators and owners, cf. section 55(3) of the Offshore Safety Act,
  • following  technical and social developments with regard to offshore oil and gas activities,
  • discuss other issues included in the Offshore Safety Act

The Offshore Safety Council was established pursuant to section 58 of the Offshore Safety Act.

Composition of the Council

The Council consists of a chairman and representatives from the following institutions, employers and labour organizations:

  • Six members from the Danish Confederation of Trade Unions (Landsorganisationen i Danmark, LO)
  • One member from Danish Maritime Officers(Søfartens Ledere).
  • One member from “Maskinmestrenes Forening” and “Dansk Formandsforening”.
  • Eight members from the Confederation of Danish Employers and  Danish Shipping.
  • One member from the Danish Working Environment Authority.
  • One member from the Danish Maritime Authority.
  • One member from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.
  • One member from the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority.
  • Members of the Offshore Safety Council are appointed by the Danish Minister for Employment for a period of four years,. on recommendation from the represented authorities and organizations.

The Offshore Safety Council rules of procedure are laid down in Executive Order No. 1278 of 2 December 2019 (only in Danish)

Working groups under the Offshore Safety Council

The Offshore Safety Council may establish working groups including committees, e.g. for drafting regulations. There is at present only one working group, the Offshore Safety Council's Working Group. Its primary task is to participate in  drafting  Executive Orders and Guidelines pursuant to the Offshore Safety Act.

Minutes of Offshore Safety Councils meetings (only in Danish)